Design and Engineering


Designing for Manufacturing Scalability

Dakota will work with your team to structure your prototype design and bill of materials for ease of future enhancements and manufacturing and assembly in preparation for higher volume manufacturing.

Let Dakota’s 25 year of experience in the high purity process liquid / gas delivery and control systems help you achieve both your time to market and cost objectives. As a trusted design and manufacturing partner, Dakota delivers value while letting our customers focus on their particular area of expertise.


nanotubeNanotechnology providers require ultra-high purity process materials and products that are economically viable in today’s competitive marketplace. You can trust Dakota’s experience in the supply of systems to the demanding microchip manufacturing industry to design and build systems to exacting cleanliness standards.

Photovoltaicsj0433390Whether you are an OEM supplying PV manufacturing equipment, or a PV panel producer designing and building your own custom manufacturing equipment, Dakota Systems can provide you with highly reliable gas delivery and control systems to make your process both reliable and repeatable. It doesn’t matter if you are fabricating crystalline Silicon cells or thinfilm panels, Dakota can provide a cost effective solution to minimize your cost per watt.Polysilicon furnace gas and water system:gasrack


Fuel Cell

Fuel cells require careful control of Hydrogen and oxidant to the membrane electrode assembly. Dakota Systems can supply this process piping expertise, allowing our customer the time to focus on the essential membrane technology that differentiates them from their competitors.

Dakota’s expertise in designing flammable gas delivery systems will provide your company complete systems fitted with the required safety interlocks and gas sensor elements insuring reliable performance.

Custom Equipment

fabricationIf you have unique needs that don’t quite fit into the other categories or markets that Dakota Systems provides, don’t hesitate to contact us for an evaluation. If it’s something we feel our experience and knowledge will benefit you, we can partner with you to achieve your goals. If it is out of our area of expertise, we will direct you to a more appropriate vendor.