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We engineer and manufacture biotech laboratory design systems and life science equipment to improve efficiency and performance while reducing cost of ownership. From 30 liter to 5,000 liter fermentation or cell culture systems, we provide comprehensive, single use systems and a range of proprietary stainless steel hard-wall bioreactor solutions designed to help you succeed.

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Microbial Fermentation

Microbial Fermentation

Increase your uptime and decrease production timelines with our newest microbial fermentation solution. It installs easily into existing frameworks, and our software is highly customizable to allow for more flexibility in your production cycle.

Ergonomic Biotechnology

Ergonomic Biotech Equipment Solutions

Our ergonomic design philosophy builds in safeguards for the lab environment and conforms the biotech equipment design to match the specifications of end users. Learn why our biotech laboratory design customers say Dakota equipment is a joy to own.

Product Lifecycle

Biotech Product Lifecycle Partner

Our business model revolves around long-term mutual growth partnerships. From designing prototypes for scalability to calibrating manufacturing around demand, we not only build exceptional biotech equipment – we help build better businesses.

Single Use Systems

Single Source Biotech Equipment

We work with customers from concept to production providing reliable biotech equipment and repeatable results. Our documentation allows us to provide identical biotech equipment or adapt next-generation equipment to help you stay competitive in an evolving marketplace.

Hard Wall Bioreactor Solutions

Stainless Steel Hardwall Bioreactor Solutions

We offer a full range of stainless steel hard-wall bioreactor solutions with ergonomic design, rapid resterilization, and a modular customizable design to adapt the changing process requirements of CMOs.

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