Ergonomic Biotech Equipment Solutions


Dakota Systems’ biotech equipment features ergonomic design for ease of operation, durability in the working environment, and maximum productivity.

Ergonomic Biotech Equipment Operation:

Dakota Systems designs and builds biotech equipment with the end user and operators in mind. Our open frame piping skid is laid out to make operation and maintenance easy and all necessary components are easily accessible by the operator. Our customers appreciate the thought and consideration that goes into the experience of owning and using Dakota equipment.

Resterilizable Addition Ports

Resterilizable Addition Ports

Durable Biotech Equipment

When Dakota designs and builds BioTech equipment we not only consider the users and process, but also the environment in which the equipment will spend its lifetime. Our BioTech equipment is built to withstand everything from seismic activity to loose lab equipment and spills. We seal all electronics and protect vital elements away from exposure to damage from impact and wear.

Bioreactor Durability

Gear box & Flowserve Double Mechanical Seal

Ergonomic Biotech Equipment Productivity

Efficiency is one of the primary goals of ergonomics. Our biotech equipment is designed to maximize productivity. The Dakota Lightnin/Flowserve agitators and double mechanical seals are robust and 2-3 years are typical for a maintenance cycle when using Kalrez o’rings. Dakota’s heat blanket for the exhaust filter housing are reliable and much more cost effective than an exhaust condenser. Both of these are standard offerings in addition to our rapid-resterilization design for accelerated turn around and minimum downtime.

SIP/CIP Transfer Panel

SIP/CIP Transfer Panel