Microbial Fermentation

A Configurable and More Sustainable Fermentation Solution

Increase Your Product Output and Runtime, and Eliminate Supply Chain Challenges

Free your operations from the supply chain, and the constraints of single-use or dedicated fermentation systems. Our configurable industrial fermentation tank is easy to install into your existing framework, and all components are easy to access and maintain.

The robust, highly-reliable design enables you to produce more – and more consistently – with fewer delays and less frequent servicing.

Realize ROI With More Reliable Biotechnology System

Turn batches faster and maintain speed to market with greater flexibility in your production.

  • Eliminate your reliance on the supply chain for fermentation bags, tubing, probes, and other accessories.
  • Eliminate risk of bag punctures or malfunction due to potential issues during transport, setup, and use.

Our software is compatible with most distributed control systems like DeltaV and allows for quick and easy configuration to multiple product processes. Adjust mechanical settings, gas flows and agitation speeds to experiment and tailor products to your organization’s needs.

Be Swift to Market – More Sustainably

Decreasing your reliance on the supply chain and enjoying greater production flexibility allows you to be swift to market, with the added benefit of being more sustainable.

By eliminating the use of single-use fermentation bags, you can adopt a more environmentally-friendly production process without sacrificing speed-to-market.