Clean Energy

Advancing the performance and profitability of clean energy solutions represents the synthesis of our design and build capabilities with our environmental responsibility and character. Dakota-built process equipment is propelling clean energy technology from the hydrogen fuel cell to liquid battery systems – all designed and manufactured in our own green-conscious facility. 

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Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

From prototype to production, Dakota’s 30 years’ experience in process equipment design and engineering helps improve the performance and profitability of clean energy ventures by manufacturing exceptional process equipment designed for scalability.


Clean Energy Manufacturing

With ERP documentation, supply chain management, and quality control, Dakota ensures that you are ready to grow and meet opportunities in clean energy technology. Our customers have no overhead manufacturing costs yet are able to ramp production to meet demand.

Lifecycle Partnership

Lifecycle Partnership

Dakota’s business model revolves around long term mutual growth partnerships in the clean energy technology sector. Whether working with hydrogen storage or fuel cell technology, we not only build exceptional equipment – we help build better businesses.

Clean Energy Practices

Clean Energy Practices at Dakota

Environmental responsibility is part of both Dakota’s company culture and our manufacturing practice. All of Dakota’s design and engineering capabilities are housed in our green-conscious facility and directed by our commitment to responsible use of shared natural resources.

Proudly Helping our CleanEnergy Partners Succeed