Emerging Tech

We enable our emerging technologies partners to focus on their core process technology and reduce overhead costs. Our design and manufacturing expertise improves performance, reduces the cost of manufacturing, enables scalability, and accelerates next-generation development. All of our present core industry capabilities evolved out of our emerging technologies partnerships and delivery of our promise to help you succeed. 

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Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

Dakota’s comprehensive knowledge of hazardous gas delivery systems, process piping, and process equipment makes us uniquely valuable to emerging technologies ventures that rely upon process-critical applications.

Design & Engineering

Designing for Manufacturing Scalability

From prototype to production, Dakota’s 30 years’ experience in process equipment design and engineering helps improve the performance and profitability of emerging technologies ventures by designing exceptional equipment for manufacturing and scalability.

Manufacturing of Emerging Technologies

Emerging Tech Manufacturing

With ERP documentation, supply chain management, and quality control, Dakota ensures that you are ready to grow and meet emerging technologies opportunities. Our customers have no overhead manufacturing costs yet are able to ramp up production to meet demand.

Product Lifecycle Partnership

Product Lifecycle Manufacturing Partnership

Dakota’s business model revolves around long term mutual growth partnerships. From designing prototypes for scalability to calibrating manufacturing around demand, we not only build exceptional equipment – we help build better businesses.

Proudly Helping our EmergingTech Partners Succeed