Ergonomic Laboratory Gas Piping


Our comprehensive knowledge of the laboratory equipment domain from the gas source to the process laboratory equipment enables us to design and manufacture ergonomic laboratory gas piping systems and equipment. We not only consider the ease of the initial set-up, but make maintenance items accessible and operation simple. The net result is improved efficiency and productivity through equipment that is a joy to own.

Ergonomic Laboratory Equipment Installation

why-manufacturing-2We spec our gas delivery systems with adaptable unions at standard distances to facilitate installation and minimize on-site welding. Similarly, our laboratory equipment features standardized gas inlet and exhaust ports for uniform piping enabling identical installation and compatibility of equipment throughout the lab. This system improves safety while ensuring economic and efficient install and adaptation.

landing-labtech-_0003_1Ergonomic Laboratory Equipment Maintenance

We think about the entire life-time use of laboratory equipment and systems we design. Maintenance is a vital part of the laboratory equipment lifecycle. As such, we make maintenance items easily accessible while preserving the safety and integrity of the production environment. This means faster maintenance, less downtime, and more production.

Ergonomic Laboratory Equipment Operation

IMG_9885All of our laboratory equipment is designed to be intuitive and friendly to the end users. On custom laboratory equipment, ergonomics can go as far as designing controls to match the physical specifications of the primary user, but all of our equipment is designed for ease of operation. The joy of owning Dakota equipment is a large part of why companies like IBM have used our laboratory equipment for decades.

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