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Lab Tech

Dakota Systems’ unique expandable laboratory piping solutions install and adapt with zero welding or special pluming. In addition to custom laboratory piping products, Dakota’s proprietary laboratory gas source systems provide a complete piping solution that improves the lifetime value and performance of your laboratory.

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Design & Manufacturing Services

Unlike generic laboratory piping systems with cumbersome installation and expansion, Dakota designs laboratory piping solutions that you can easily install, modify, and expand yourself.

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Proprietary LabTech Equipment

Dakota offers a range of proprietary LabTech piping solutions designed to improve your laboratory performance and productivity.

TSP Panel Genesis TIP Gas Sticks

Ultra Pipe Multiple Gas Source Solutions

Bio Tech

Dakota Systems engineers and manufactures BioTech systems and Life Science equipment to improve efficiency and performance while reducing cost of ownership. In addition to design and manufacture services, Dakota also offers a full range of stainless steel hard-wall bioreactors.

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Design & Manufacture Services

Dakota provides contract manufacturing services to design and manufacture custom process critical biotech and life science systems to help improve your product performance and profitability.

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Stainless Steel Hard-Wall Bioreactor

Dakota offers a full range of proprietary stainless steel hard-wall bioreactors. Our ergonomic design and rapid-resterilization system improves efficiency and production while reducing cost of ownership.

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Semi Conductor

For over 30 years Dakota Systems has led the semiconductor industry in the design and manufacture of process piping solutions for flammable, corrosive and toxic hazardous gas delivery systems.

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Design & Manufacture Services

Dakota’s comprehensive knowledge of the semiconductor domain from the process chamber to the gas delivery system enables us to design and manufacture process equipment that is ergonomic and optimized for the semiconductor ecosystem. Our equipment is second to none in the marketspace.

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Semiconductor Equipment

The biggest companies in the semiconductor industry choose Dakota Systems for industry leading safety, reliability, and performance.

TSP Panel Genesis TIP Gas Sticks

Emerging Tech

Helping companies go from naissance to dominance, Dakota Systems provides process equipment and product lifecycle management for mutual growth Emerging Tech partnerships. Current partnerships include projects in precision optics, hydrogen fuel cells, and nanotechnology.

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Product Lifecycle Partnership Program

Throughout our 30 year history Dakota has provided value-added engineering, design for manufacturing, and product lifecycle optimization to propel our emerging tech partners into industry leaders. We enable you to focus on your core process technology and reduce overhead costs while leveraging our design and manufacturing expertise to optimize efficiency and accelerate production when opportunities arrive.

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Water Tech

Dakota Systems brings industry leading process piping solutions to Water Tech customers. From water monitoring to ultra-high purity applications, our manufacturing services ensure high quality equipment at the right price point to help you succeed.

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Design Improvements & Manufacturing Process

Dakota provides design and build services for process-critical water systems. Our ability to manage the delivery, treatment and application of water enables us to optimize customers’ process equipment.

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Clean Energy

From photovoltaics to hydrogen fuel cells, companies partner with Dakota to advance the design and profitability of next generation clean energy technologies. Clean Energy represents a synthesis of our values and expertise: process critical design & engineering, profitable business, and environmental responsibility.

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Design & Build Services

Dakota helps companies improve the performance and viability of clean energy solutions that rely on process-critical applications. Dakota’s design capabilities and product lifecycle partnership model further clean energy technologies while enabling profitable growth.

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Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is part of both Dakota’s company culture and our manufacturing practice.

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Lab Tech

Bio Tech

Semi Conductor

Emerging Tech

Water Tech

Clean Energy


We don’t just build better systems…We help build better businesses

The Dakota Difference


Conventional contract manufacturers focus on building your device. Dakota focuses on building your business. From prototype to full-scale production, companies leverage Dakota’s unique design, manufacturing and operations expertise to optimize performance and profits.

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Domain Expertise

Leverage Our Expertise

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Welding Expertise
  • Hazardous Gas and Liquid Delivery

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Design & Engineering

Optimize Your Design

  • Improve Cost of Ownership with Value Engineering
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Design for Manufacture

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Manufacture Your Product

  • ERP Documentation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Control ISO 9001

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Production Ready Facility

Validate Full Function Testing

  • Clean Rooms Class 100 & 1000
  • Clean Assembly Space
  • Final Test Bays

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Case Studies

IBM Microelectronics

IBM was looking for a hazardous gas delivery system for their semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


After establishing a business upon component design and manufacturing, Entegris wanted to expand their offerings to include fully assembled systems.

Cytovance Biologics

Cytovance required a bio-reactor that met all current industry standards but also had the capability to adapt to new technologies and processes based on future customer engagements, new technologies, or process changes.


MKS was struggling to meet the needs of customers with complex industry and application specific challenges.

Customer Testimonials

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